The cCE-Group  is developing cheap Clean Energy Technologies.

There are 4 big sources for energy, including 3 Clean Energy sources:


We are working in secret cells to protect the working specialists and to protect the information (until release). Unseen cooperation is possible. The cCE-Group works with a speaker to inform society and with ‘unknown specialists’, busy in secret cells.

cCE supports nutcrackers-politics ( and block-kings-politics ( to build up a friendly and save society without underground-fighting.


Is dubble enough really enough?  Our group disposes of cCE-technologies, which can produce cCE-energy for 7 billion people twice. The  typical cost price for fossil energy is 5 c /kWh plus pollution costs. The  typical cost price for our cCE-energy is 0.5 c /kWh and no pollution costs. More than 10 times cheaper! Big parts of the existing energy infrastructure can stay in place and can be used: generators, electricity-nets. Make up your mind:  Start asking for and buying (= supporting) whitepower-energy. Support nutcracking, cracking of problem-nuts! See (more)!Choose and support your energy-king! With a chozen energy-king, combining the power of thousands of people and your power with expert knowledge and courage, all can get, what they want: cheap Clean Energy, a better energy future.


A better Energy Future

1.  release of bound energy:  wood, coal, oil, gas, fission, fusion

2.  streaming air,   3.  streaming water   4.  streaming particles:

visible radiation: sunrays,  dark energy radiation

The cCE-Group has developed powerful technologies for source 2: the Albatross-Windmachine for streaming air (, with film), and for source 3: the ‘Dolphin-Watermachine’ for streaming water, and the “Diligent Diver’ for wavepower-usage. A new technology has been added for bulk energy storage.  The cCE-Group is developing radiation-collecting-engines, collecting dark energy day and night.

A better energy future is near

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